Culture in Personalised Care: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Identity

Culture in Personalised Care: At Eremea, cultural sensitivity is not just a policy; it’s a practice. We understand that each individual’s cultural context is as essential as their medical care when it comes to their health and happiness. Our approach is to respect and honour the diverse cultural backgrounds of all residents, tailoring our care to reflect their personal histories and traditions. Spirituality and faith play pivotal roles in many cultures. Eremea’s focus on providing spiritual support and fostering a sense of religious community among residents acknowledges the significance of these aspects in enhancing life quality.

Made with Love Competition

What does it mean to create something of value. What does it take? Is that value something you can hold, or something that you feel? Does it transcend our senses and instead seek to find a home in our soul? These are the questions we are asking of you as part of our Made With […]

Giving in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu

For a number of years now Eremea has been providing aid to communities in need in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. Most of our aid has come in the form of clothing hampers, which are collected and packaged in Australia before being sent overseas. It’s always important to remember that things such as old clothing […]

Get what you need out of Aged Care

When it comes to Aged Care, so much is structured around funding and packages. Funding is allocated in accordance with what level of care you require, and that level of care is contained within a package of services. So what happens when you need more than that? Majority of Aged Care providers can tend to […]

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