Careers FAQs

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions around working at Eremea and in Aged Care.

Working hours are flexible and Eremea does our best to be accommodating to your lifestyle and work with you to find suitable working hours. Many of our clients need help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then there are some who have day visits or transport requirements  – there are plenty of opportunities available.

Short answer, no. Aged care is more than just physical support. You’re here to help clients live their best life in their homes and their community, and bring your goals and our expertise together.

You may be simply having a conversation and providing companionship, preparing food, helping declutter living spaces, walking pets, teaching or exercising with your client, administering medication or any number of rewarding activities to help our clients live life well.

There are an exciting range of roles and responsibilities within the aged care industry to suit many different personalities and skill sets, and your day-to-day responsibilities are probably much different to your expectations (and more exciting!).

Eremea’s clients, like our staff, are a melting pot. Our clients have a wide variety of requirements depending on age, disability (of any number of factors) and as with any segment of society, you’re going to find people who are brimming with joy and optimism, and those who are a little more introverted or may be dealing with loneliness and isolation in their own way.

Once again, it depends and changes from client to client. Some homes will be immaculate, while others may require a little love and care.

Eremea is required to follow all current Public Health Orders and funding body directives when it comes to vaccinations and other workplace health and safety requirements regarding support workers in Aged Care. For the most up to date information please visit

Finding the right people to work with our clients is really important. We are active in the market place wanting to attract a workforce, focussing both on the right fit and requirements for all the roles that we have. In all cases, we conduct basic working checks like criminal and working with children checks.

You don’t always need experience to join Eremea’s team, and we’ll give you the training you need to become an outstanding Support Worker and continue to keep your training up-to-date throughout your career.

At Eremea we want to ensure that all our workforce is successful in any of the roles we have on offer. To that end we provide structured training and support throughout each stage of the employment cycle in particular your first few weeks of employment. This is to ensure that you have what you need to deliver the level of service both our clients and we expect.

We also have access to a range or training and educational partners to assist those employees who want to formalise their skills and competencies. We also assist in establishing a learning pathway in the area that you want to pursue either in Aged or Disability sector. There is much on offer.

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