Opening Social Circles to the Elderly

The importance of socialising, of building and maintaining connections and friendships is significant when it comes to our overall well-being. Yes, medical and clinical aid play a large role in your health, but the joy that comes from being around people you enjoy being around and having an event or an outing to look forward […]

Made with Love Competition

What does it mean to create something of value. What does it take? Is that value something you can hold, or something that you feel? Does it transcend our senses and instead seek to find a home in our soul? These are the questions we are asking of you as part of our Made With […]

Your Future with Eremea

What a career in home care services can be Whether you are seeking a strong start to your career or are in the midst of a transition, a job in the home care sector could be a perfect fit. Home care is a booming industry overflowing with work opportunities and vertical growth. Regardless of your […]

Get what you need out of Aged Care

When it comes to Aged Care, so much is structured around funding and packages. Funding is allocated in accordance with what level of care you require, and that level of care is contained within a package of services. So what happens when you need more than that? Majority of Aged Care providers can tend to […]

Surviving and Thriving in the Aged Care System

Allied health services

The first stage of any journey into the Aged Care system is survival. The system itself presents some inherent challenges that are often difficult to navigate, particularly when you’re first getting started. It can take some time to learn the ropes and understand the role of your provider, of the funding, and yourself, which is […]

The Early Bird Gets The Support

Whether we like it or not, most of us will, at some stage, reach a point in our lives where we require Aged Care Support. This new phase of living can be perceived as the “beginning of the end”, as a checkpoint that marks a transition into a less fulfilling way of life. As such, […]

Private vs. Funded Aged Care

With Eremea Time is on your side!

When the time comes to consider aged care, it is important to know what options are available to you, and how to access them. It is also important to start assessing your options early. Approaching aged care only when it becomes absolutely necessary, or even vital, can lead to a great deal of stress. Rushing […]

The Benefits of Exercise Physiology

It becomes particularly important as we get older to be more proactive about our health and fitness. As we age it is harder to maintain a functional body. An injury or surgery that occurs later in life can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible, to properly recover from. This is where being a step ahead […]

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