March 20, 2024

Your Future with Eremea

What a career in home care services can be

Whether you are seeking a strong start to your career or are in the midst of a transition, a job in the home care sector could be a perfect fit. Home care is a booming industry overflowing with work opportunities and vertical growth. Regardless of your prior experience or qualifications, you will be welcomed with open arms into our tight-knit employee community and be given all the support you need in order to succeed.

Working in our offices offers a more permanent line of work with the option to start immediately. You will be given access to training, coaching  and development opportunities in order to advance your skills and gain the knowledge needed to move in the direction you desire. To ensure that your emotional, psychosocial and general wellbeing are catered to and cared for, we also offer the Employee Assistance Program.

There are a number of roles that can be filled in our office space, from entry level to management. From the moment you step through our doors you will be welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. We are proud of the family-like atmosphere we have built at Eremea and would love to make you a part of it.

For those looking for a casual role, a career as a home care/support worker offers more flexibility in your schedule so that you can find the right work-life balance for you. We know that sometimes your schedule can change from week to week, which is why our casuals are given the freedom to choose the hours they can work in order to form an arrangement that works for all parties involved. You can start working in the field as soon as your application is accepted, and will undergo career and personal development training throughout your time with us. Support workers can also, if they wish, transition into an office role and build on their skill sets. 

Our field team is just as tight-knit as our office crew, with all of our workers ready and willing to support and champion one another in order to provide the best care possible. It is also an extremely rewarding line of work. As a support worker, you get to see on a personal level the positive impact you are having on the lives of those you aid, and will take home with you a feeling of positivity and pride in the work that you do.

All of our employees are given benefits such as Refer a Friend bonuses, Mobile Phone Allowances and the Employee Assistance Program. The reasons to join Eremea and work in the home care sector are plentiful and promising, so take a moment to consider your current situation and how it may be improved through a career in home care services. For those interested, head to our website and send us your application to take the first step towards your future with us.

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