May 9, 2023

Vast and Fast

The exciting potential of a career in home care
Frequently asked questions around working at Eremea and in Aged Care.

The number of ageing Australians using home care has more than tripled in the last ten years. With Australia’s older generation (those 65 and over) being expected to at least double by 2057, the home care sector will undoubtedly continue to grow at a rapid pace. (source: GEN Aged Care Data)

In this pool of ever increasing demand lies a tantalising wealth of opportunity and potential, springing forth from a sector built on structure, sophistication, and career progression.

There exists a misconception that a career as a home support worker is limited and without opportunity. That it is cottagey and shallow, a brief detour down a laneway rather than a main road. 

At Eremea, we know this could not be further from the truth. We offer access to a professional working environment that thrives on attracting caring individuals who wish to work with purpose. We cater for people with varied career wants and needs, from those wanting to advance their career to those who just want a flexible role as a support worker. 

We are also proud of our diverse group of support workers. Difference is what makes our service stronger and allows us to cater to many cultures and beliefs. People with vastly different backgrounds have all been able to find a home at Eremea, because we value your life experience regardless of where it has come from.

We are an organisation that strives to provide quality service to our clients, and this can only be achieved through establishing a sophisticated industry. Support workers can enter at a casual level and have the opportunity to explore other employment opportunities within Eremea.

Take, for example, one of our team members Sylwia. Joining Eremea in August of 2020, Sylwia began as a support worker and was appreciated  by her clients for her company, assistance and overall connection. Sylwia has a background in hospitality and customer service, and was able to pair her past experience with her current growth in the aged care sector to propel into Eremea’s head office as part of our service partner team. Check out our other blog, ‘Forge your own path’ to read more about our staff’s experiences and growth within Eremea. 

A career in home care is one where opportunity lives on the tips of your fingers. The vast and fast growth of the sector means that access to professional development and a career path is available.  If this is the kind of opportunity that catches your interest, then consider applying for a home care role at Eremea and see just how far you can grow.

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