Sylwia works as a Contractor Scheduler at Eremea. Schedulers are the key to ensuring services for our clients are coordinated and delivered upon for individuals and their families. They help people live well in their home and their community. 

What attracted you to work in aged care?

I previously worked in hospitality and moving into aged care meant I could utilise all my skills and attributes just in a different environment.

I started at Eremea as a support worker, and I loved being part of my clients’ everyday lives, knowing the work I was doing was genuinely making a difference. Working at Eremea is being part of a community and contributing to it positively.

What are the challenges that you face in your day-to-day?

Every day is different. Sometimes there are little changes and some days there are big changes but everything centres around our clients. In my role as a scheduler, there are lots of moving pieces to ensure client services happen in the way they choose.

How has COVID-19 impacted working in aged care?

Our priority is always the safety of our clients, especially during COVID-19. Safety isn’t just physical safety, it’s also the emotional wellbeing of our clients who might have been isolated and alone for long periods of time now. Aged care has always played a crucial role in client wellbeing but even more so right now.  

What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

There are memorable moments all the time. Sometimes it might be the stories our clients tell us as they recall special memories in their lives, seeing them do something independently they might not have been able to do for a while, seeing them relax in a clean home or getting feedback that they are enjoying their garden after the gardeners have come. Lots of these moments are memorable.

Have you met someone with an amazing life story that inspired you?

We have a client in her 90’s with significant health issues but despite that, she started every day with a little tap-dancing routine. She taught dance her whole life and she could not imagine life without dancing in it. Even with her health challenges, she chose to start her day with something that still brings her so much joy. 

How do you keep clients motivated?

Every client is motivated in different ways. If something is important to them then I want them to know it’s important to me!

How has working in aged care impacted your life?

Working in aged care has given me incredible job satisfaction. I’m excited to start work every morning as I know I will make a difference in someone’s life that day and make things a little bit easier. It’s also pushed me to constantly seek solutions for our clients and find ways to meet their needs.

What advice would you give to people wanting to work in aged care?

It’s worth it! Sometimes it can be challenging but it’s all worth it when you receive a call from a happy client. We have an amazing team of people at Eremea and they make the job even more enjoyable. 

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