Rita works as a Support Care Worker at Eremea. Support Workers are vital carers for vulnerable individuals and their families. They help people live their lives as independently as possible – and support them in reaching their potential, through both practical and emotional support.

Rita tells us why she loves her job, and what it’s been like to work during a pandemic…

What attracted you to work in aged care?

Previously I worked in a pharmacy and I’ve always enjoyed working with people.

I guess you could say I’m a people person. What drew me to working with Eremea is that I’ve always wanted to help vulnerable people and make a difference in their lives. Bring them joy and help make their lives a little easier.

What are the challenges that you face in your day-to-day?

No day is the same, that’s for sure! And to be honest, some days can be more challenging than others. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In my role, I mostly work with people with dementia and people with disabilities. To keep my clients motivated I focus on the positives and remain supportive to uplift their spirits.

How has COVID-19 impacted working in aged care?

At Eremea we really take safety and health precautions seriously to keep our clients safe. It can be challenging for the clients to hear me through a mask – but their health and safety is vital.

What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

There have been many moments. My most memorable moments would be helping clients to achieve new goals, whether it’s learning to walk again or being part of those special moments when someone, especially a Dementia patient, recollects their happy moments.

Have you met someone with an amazing life story that inspired you?

Absolutely! Our clients have such wonderful stories and are a wealth of information on the different ages they’ve lived through. I love having a cuppa with one of my clients *Grace who often shares her tales of romance and adventure. Her stories are just amazing. It’s always wonderful to hear someone’s life stories.

How do you keep clients motivated?

At Eremea, we recognise that each client is different and requires personalised support. One size does not fit all. I always try to bring a bit of fun and humour to their day and make a client feel good about themselves. It really lifts their spirits. A small gesture can make a big difference to their day, and for me, this is the best part of my job.

How has working in aged care impacted your life?

For me, it’s important to treat people like I’d want to be treated myself. If I’m lucky enough to grow old, I really hope that if I need care, I’ll be treated with the same kindness and compassion. Working in palliative care, it can be challenging – but also incredibly rewarding to ensure that people receive comfort and support.

What advice would you give to people wanting to work in aged care?

Working as a Support Carer, you need empathy, resilience and a genuine passion for people. It’s a tough, but rewarding job. You need to be patient and compassionate with clients, listen to them and be there for them in the good times and the harder times. I’d highly recommend working for Eremea – it’s changed my life.

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