May 17, 2023

See the Difference

Aged care work rewarding for all involved

Coming home after a day of work is an experience shared by many. The emotions associated with the concluding commute can range from exhaustion, relief, excitement, and sometimes a blend of everything in between. But there is something to be said for the feeling that you carry home with you knowing that the work you did benefited the life of someone else. That warming joy that lifts your chin a little higher, knowing that you are capable of making a difference every single day with the work that you do. That is the feeling of being a support worker.

The work that is carried out by Eremea employees is purpose orientated, driven by a desire to ensure people get what they need to live well in their homes and in their community. It is built on personal connections with our clients and finding ways to bring positivity into their day to day lives. In providing help and support, our employees reward not only their clients but also themselves. It is human nature to be fulfilled in the act of helping others, in seeing the happiness you have brought them.

Team members such as Sylwia speak of the love she has for the connection between herself and her clients. And her clients couldn’t speak more highly of her in return, emphasising their appreciation for her support as well as her company.

“I loved the connection I had with my clients, the personal help I was able to provide and the overall difference I was able to make in the lives of Eremea clients”

Support workers such as Rita also understand how broadly she can impact the lives of her clients in the smallest of ways. Rita works mostly with dementia clients and those with disabilities. She seeks to keep their spirits high through focusing on the positives and motivating them to achieve new goals. Standing as a pillar of practical and emotional support, Rita knows that help can come in all shapes and sizes. 

“A small gesture can make a big difference to their day, and for me, this is the best part of my job.” – Rita. 

There is also the opportunity to be part of a much larger motion of change. The more support workers there are out in the community, making a difference on an individual scale, the greater the overall benefit to our social structures. 

At Eremea, we bring this benefit to as many cultural groups as we can, with our dedication to match our clients with a support worker who will speak their language and who has similar interests. 

We are proud of our commitment to reach out and spread positivity to all who are in need, which is what makes Eremea support work such a rewarding experience. Become a support worker today and see the difference you can make.

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