October 20, 2022

Royal Commission into Aged Care: What it Means for You

The recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has been receiving a lot of attention in the media, and it can lead to questions like, “what does this mean for me?” or “how will this affect my current situation?”. It can feel like a very stressful and uncertain period, so it’s important to understand what it’s all about.

The goal of the Royal Commission is to create a sustainable and compassionate aged care system that’s fit for the future. Commissioner Lynelle Briggs says the Commission seeks to promote a system where aged care services are delivered ethically and effectively.

“A key feature of our task is to focus on the future, and what the aged care system in Australia should be: a world-class caring system in which those receiving aged care and their loved ones can have confidence. One that is simple to understand, easily navigated and accessible to all,” she says.

The Commission will investigate both the quality of care provided in Residential and Home Aged Care to senior Australians, but also include young Australians with disabilities living in Aged Care settings. The Commission was established in response to the consistent feedback regarding neglect, abuse and negligence in nursing homes across Australia.

The Commission began on the 19th January and will be accepting submissions from the public and facilities until mid-year. However, the Commission’s final report is not due until April 2020, which means that it will be some time before we see the findings and what improvements are made in response to the recommendations.

This means that if you, or a loved one, are currently in an aged care facility, or receiving home care services, it may be some time before you see what changes will be made to your situation. This also means that if you would like to make a submission to the Commission, you have the opportunity to do so.

While there has already been some unscrupulous behaviour uncovered by the Commission, it’s important to remember what will be established at the end of the inquest.

Commissioner Briggs says that they hope to establish a system that provides ethical services with understanding of their clients.

“A system which has services that are compassionate, fit for purpose, customised to individual needs and of the highest standards in term of quality and care and safety.”

All of this just brings into focus the importance of finding an aged care provider that effectively understands your needs and provides supports in an empathetic and diverse environment. It also brings to attention the importance of receiving professional advice when looking at aged care.

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Meni Kritikos

Managing Director

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