May 22, 2024

Opening Social Circles to the Elderly

The importance of socialising, of building and maintaining connections and friendships is significant when it comes to our overall well-being. Yes, medical and clinical aid play a large role in your health, but the joy that comes from being around people you enjoy being around and having an event or an outing to look forward to, cannot be understated. It is something that can make a real, visible difference in an older person’s life, and we don’t think anyone should have to miss out.

As we age with so much of your time often being spent at home or in residential care, social activities can dwindle and sedentary behaviour can become normalised. The longer this continues, the more difficult it becomes to step out of your front door and socialise within your community. Eremea’s latest initiative in support of this philosophy is organising social groups in local communities. These events are about bringing people together to enjoy a day of laughter and good conversation.

Participants are collected in buses and brought to the location of choice, where they can expect snacks, lunch, coffee, treats, bingo, trivia and prizes. They are then transported back to their residence at the day’s end – so there is no need to coordinate individual transport. All there is to do is to accept the invitation! Our aim in creating these regular, reliable sources for social interaction is to build confidence and trust for our clients so that they can feel more comfortable and willing to get out and about in their community. For them to realise that they are not as restricted as they may feel opens up a variety of opportunities for them to do more of the things that they enjoy doing.

The feedback from our first social group catch ups has been overwhelmingly positive from both the attendees and their family members as well. The happiness shared between those who attend is infectious and rejuvenating, bringing people out of their shells and making them excited to return the following week. We hope to continue to expand these groups and offer the opportunity for social interaction to more isolated elderly Australians.

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