October 20, 2022

New Charter raises the standards of elderly care

New Charter raises the standards of elderly care

We are pleased at Eremea to report that as of July 1st 2019, a new Charter of Rights has been passed under the aged care quality and safety reforms to improve the quality of care and standards of care devoted to our elderly across Australia.

The new Charter covers 14 fundamental protections including safe, quality care, independence, information, personal privacy, control, fairness and choice.

In a recent press release, The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care – Ken Wyatt shared that

“Together, we are standing up for the most vulnerable senior Australians” and that “Being treated with dignity and living without abuse and neglect were among the top tiers of the new charter.”

The Charter will directly impact every person in care across all residential and home care facilities by ensuring the standard of care giving promotes empowerment, connection and a thriving quality of life.

Noting that this security and peace of mind is also especially important for those who are living with dementia. More than half of residents living in residential aged care have a diagnosis of dementia and they tend to have much higher care needs than residents that do not. This refinement of industry standard is the answer to ensuring everyone is being met with the unrequited care they deserve.

Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe said that she looks forward to the implementation of the Charter & that “The Charter would further empower the new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and promote being treated with dignity.”

The document itself is concise, easy to read and will be available in a wide variety of languages. By the 30th September 2019, all residents of aged care facilities and their authorised representatives will be provided a copy and will be given the opportunity to personally co-sign and agree to the document. Home care providers will have up until 31st December 2019.

Details of the new Charter are available at: https://www.agedcarequality.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights

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