May 22, 2024

Made with Love Competition

What does it mean to create something of value. What does it take?

Is that value something you can hold, or something that you feel? Does it transcend our senses and instead seek to find a home in our soul? These are the questions we are asking of you as part of our Made With Love competition.

We believe that within every family there is a recipe, perhaps passed down over generations, perhaps discovered on a whim, in which there exists a special kind of value. It is not so much about the ingredients, or the flavours, or the presentation, but rather the time, the care, and the dedication given to this recipe which makes it special to you.

It is the love put into the dish by the person who cooks it, and the love reciprocated between the chef and those they cook for which build this intangible value. Behind each of these dishes is a story, sometimes multiple, which add to the legacy and enrich its importance. It becomes about more than just cooking or eating; it becomes something worth celebrating, something treasured by all involved. In an age where much of society is focused on efficiency, productivity and maximising every second of the day, this kind of value can often be lost.

It is a value which requires nurturing and attention. It is born of patience, delicacy and most importantly, love. So for everyone out there who understands the kind of value we are talking about, we ask you to kindly share your special recipes with us and with everyone else. There is up to $50 in Coles vouchers to be won, so be sure to get your entries in before the deadline closes on June 22. Good luck to all who enter and thank you for keeping those special recipes and moments alive.

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