How to Access Home Care

Navigating the process to access Government Funded Home Care Services can be daunting. Here are five straightforward steps to help you access the Home Care you need.

Ready to begin your journey with Eremea's compassionate home care or need assistance? Fill out our contact form and a dedicated team member will be in touch to guide you through the process.


To get started, contact My Aged Care service by calling 1800 200 422 or visiting their website at

Eremea Home Care Services can also assist you in navigating the complexities of the My Aged Care system, as it can often be a cumbersome experience.

Be Assessed

Following registration, a My Aged Care assessor will either discuss your situation over the phone or visit your home to determine the level of assistance you require. For basic or short-term needs such as housework, personal care or shopping, you might be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

For more complicated home care needs, you will likely be approved for a Home Care Package, with levels ranging from 1 to 4; Level 4 being the most comprehensive.

If you're not eligible for funding or are waiting for it, Eremea can provide you with competitively priced private Home Care options.

Wait for Funding

It may take several months for your home care funding to be approved and allocated. During this waiting period, Eremea can usually provide you with services funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

Choose a Provider

Once your home care funding is approved, you will receive a letter indicating that your package has been 'assigned'. At this point, you can choose Eremea as your provider. We'll handle all the paperwork from that moment on.

Choose How to Use Your Funding

Now that you have secured funding, you can decide how you'd like to allocate it. Remember, you have complete autonomy in selecting your services.

With the assistance of your dedicated team member at Eremea, you can take the time to identify and prioritise the home care services that are most important to you. This ensures that you can live your best possible life, all while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Begin enjoying the advantages of your Home Care Services at home, supported by a provider you can trust.

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