May 9, 2023

Home Modifications

Making you feel Safe at Home

Home is where the heart is, it’s where we feel most safe and comfortable. And sometimes you need a little support so that you can stay in your home for as long as you are able to.

There isn’t a single solution for every case, but you can match your modifications to your specific needs.

What exactly is Home Modification? It is a change to the structure, layout, or fittings of your home, to ensure that you can move freely and safely in your home. This reduces the risks of accident or injury and keeps you happy and healthy.

Are stairs giving you trouble? A handrail can be installed by the steps or even to replace the steps with a ramp to make your home more accessible for you. 

Taps can be a bit stiff? Lots of older houses have rigid tap fittings, making them hard to use. A plumber can install easy access taps, making life a bit easier. 

Watching your step? Falls are a leading cause of injuries, but a few grab rails in key locations like toilets, baths or showers can greatly reduce the chance of a fall. 

Not sure what can be done to improve your home? An Accredited Occupational Therapist will perform an assessment on your home and give a list of recommendations for possible home modifications. 

Long term? For a lot of people, the goal of Home Modifications is to ensure that your long-term experience in your home is stress-free and increases your wellbeing by reducing burdensome physical activities. So that you can remain independent and self-reliant for years to come. 

My needs may change. Home Modifications are tailored to your current and future needs so that you will get the most value from the funding, either NDIS or Aged Care. Sometimes critical unanticipated changes can happen and in these events changes can be made to suit.

How disruptive is this going to be? To ensure that your daily life is permanently improved, some disruption from construction is unavoidable, but most home modifications are quick one day builds. Meaning minimal bother for you.

How difficult is this going to be? Sometimes the degree of Home Modification can get quite intricate depending on the scale and number of home modifications. Sometimes the Home Modification’s cost requires industry accredited Project Manager to handle the construction. 

How will I pay for the work to be done? Funding is available for Home Modifications both through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and through My Aged Care via a Home Care Package or Commonwealth Home Support Program. Depending on the extent of modifications and the work that you would like to have done, you can also make a contribution to get the end result you need and want.

Am I eligible? There are a number of considerations when determining eligibility, you can find out right now by checking the NDIS website, My Aged Care or contact Eremea for support in the process. Alternatively, if you are a private funded client, you can also access Eremea’s Home Modifications program. 

How to Start? It’s easy, a quick phone call, and you’ll get your ball rolling today.
The Phone number is 1300 118 880.

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