March 26, 2024

Get what you need out of Aged Care

When it comes to Aged Care, so much is structured around funding and packages. Funding is allocated in accordance with what level of care you require, and that level of care is contained within a package of services. So what happens when you need more than that?

Majority of Aged Care providers can tend to view you through a funding lens so limited a conversation to what the funding allows. In these instances conversations can hit the ‘STOP’ sign with statements like ‘you only can have this many hours per week, that is all the funding will allow’. While you may need additional services,   therefore additional funding, this process is often long and drawn out. Therefore not useful if you need immediate additional care.

Providers who take a client centred approach to the conversation will view a person through the ‘client lens’ in these instances the conversation is more like ‘what do you need’  or importantly ‘did you know you can pay for services you need? It is surprising for people to learn that there is always an option to pay for what you need as well have the funding take care of things.

Surprisingly people don’t realise that they always have the option to fund services privately, if they have the means to do so. Say your mother typically has a carer with her during the week and on weekends she stays with you, but you’ve had to pick up some extra shifts at work and now can’t care for her on weekends. Your funding may tell you that you can’t have a carer on weekends, but if it is what you need then there are alternative pathways to ensure proper care is provided.

If you are with a provider who does not want to work flexibly with you, then seek out a provider who will. There are plenty of Aged care providers out there who are willing to work with you to get the care that you need. If you can’t afford to fund additional care privately, then temporary plans can be made. Services can be prioritised according to immediate needs and long-term goals, giving you the best care possible until further funding can be acquired.

Providing care to a person in need is about achieving positive outcomes and general wellness for people who need a helping hand. Bundling funding with your financial resources can assist in fast tracking your road to live well in your home and in your community.

Ask the questions, find the right provider, and make sure that your needs and your happiness are the priority.

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