May 9, 2023

Forge your own path

With a career at Eremea.

At Eremea, we are proud of the success stories that are our employees. Our industry is one filled with opportunities for career growth and development. We help our employees design and forge their own career paths that can take them wherever it is they want to go. Here are some examples of our staff success stories.

Veronique –

Veronique started with us on the ground floor, assisting our clients face to face as a Support Worker. After spending some time in the field and expressing an interest in moving up, Veronique transitioned into an Induction Facilitator Role on a secondment. Now, she is working in a permanent role as a Workplace Trainer for Eremea.

Sylwia and Sandy – 

Like Veronique, Sylwia and Sandy both came to us seeking a position as a Support Worker. Being a Support Worker is a very rewarding job due to the real, positive change you can witness yourself having on somebody’s life, an experience both women were grateful for. They were then empowered to move forward from Support Work and both took up Scheduling Coordinator roles in our Eremea offices. Sylwia has since joined our newly implemented Client Services Partner Team, dealing with third party contractors and home modifications teams.

Sultaneh – 

Initially hired in a casual role as a Recruiter, Sultaneh showed a lot of talent and potential. At Eremea, we don’t like to see talent walk out the door and make sure to give our employees a chance to aim higher. Through dedicated amounts of in-house coaching, training and mentoring, Sultaneh was promoted to P&C BP and has remained with us at Eremea.

Amanda – 

Amanda was hired to our team as a Scheduling Coordinator, where she demonstrated a high level of competency in the role. She was a high performer and excellent team member, and flashed her ability as a leader in the workplace. Amanda has since been promoted to Scheduling Lead.

Rita – 

Help cannot be defined in a singular way, which is why support workers such as Rita are such valuable assets. Rita spends most of her time working with dementia clients and those with disabilities, and understands the depth of impact she can have on their lives with even the smallest of gestures. She has been empowered to stand tall as a source of support for her clients, maintaining high spirits and continuing to renew motivation. While Rita’s journey with us has not been one of role change, it has been one of personal and professional development.

These are but a few examples of how our staff have been able to carve out their career at Eremea and go as far as they can reach. Whether you’re beginning as a Support Worker or as part of our management team, we have the space for you at Eremea. Contact us today to get started.

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