June 13, 2023

Fit to Your Lifestyle

Flexibility a hallmark of a career in home care.

Post pandemic, the demand for flexible working options has risen to new heights, with more workers seeking a better work life balance. Flexibility in the workplace has long been associated with improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity and greater employee retention. The benefits are there for all to see, which is why at Eremea we encourage flexible work. A career as a support worker is a career fit to your lifestyle, allowing for your working hours to be built around your availability. 

From students and first time workers, to those looking for a way to return to the workforce, home care offers roles suitable for all. At Eremea, we understand the importance and benefit of employee choice in cultivating a positive work environment.

Flexibility is essential in an industry where no two days will look the same. The nature of aged care work centres on the individual and on offering personalised support that caters to their needs. This cannot be achieved without a willingness to be flexible and an acceptance of the variable nature of the work.

Support workers such as Rita recognise that in this line of work one size does not fit all, but finds that it is the uniqueness of each client that allows her support to connect on a more meaningful and rewarding level. 

If you value a more flexible working arrangement and are excited by the notion of work that varies from day to day, then a career as a support or office worker at Eremea will more than meet your needs. Apply today and start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

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